Dreamhost Vs Bluehost – Which Is The Best One For Your Web Hosting

This post was last updated on Tuesday, November 19th 2019

Can’t decide on which web hosting to choose between Dreamhost vs Bluehost. On this page, we will give you an overview and address the age question. Which is better Dreamhost or Bluehost web hosting?

So to help out, we have made this side-by-side comparison so you can make a better-informed buying decision when the time comes to pull out the c/card.

In this review, we will only be comparing shared hosting plans to keep it all on a level playing field.

We cover the following aspects:

History and general introduction

Just some basic info about where and how they both got started and grew into the company they are today.


We compare their pricing plans and main features so you can get a clear idea of where they differ when it comes to value.


We talk about the different support options both web hosting services offer. Then we take cues from online user reviews about how well their support services actually work.Webhosting Solutions


We check both the average uptime and response time of both web hosts and seeing where they rank compared to the industry average. We also talk about potential custom scripts, configurations, or plugins they use to optimize the performance of their hosting services.

Ease of Use

We compare the control panels of both hosts. Do they use the industry-standard cPanel or their own custom-built system? How easy is it to set up a website? Etc.

Right with all that said and done, let’s get into the meat of this pie.

For those who are in a hurry…

Our Quick Summary

Bluehost wins this comparison. While support isn’t great, they are a little better when it comes to speed and pricing.

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Keep reading to find out how both hosting companies rate on pricing, support, speed, and ease of use!

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Bluehost and Dreamhost are two of the largest website hosting providers. They are also two of the three web hosting vendors that are recommended by WordPress as an approved web hosting provider.

The third hosting is Siteground which is our overall best choice for web hosting. You can read all about Siteground here.

DreamHost and Bluehost are user-friendly designs and have a broad selection of features that enables you to enjoy a powerful and natural website experience.

Dreamhost began its life off in the dorm of four undergrad students from Harvey Mudd College.

Within just a year, they started to have and host customers’ websites and started branching out making similar companies.

Those are alike of Inktank and Akanda. Today, Dreamhost has around 400,000 happy customers that expand over 100 countries and employs over 200 staff.

Bluehost first started in Utah by Matt Heat, 2003. Almost a decade later when the doors first opened, Endurance International Group acquired Bluehost.

Currently, Bluehost has over 2 million domains on the books and offers services such as WordPress hosting, shared hosting, VPS hosting, and domain services.

Dreamhost Hosting Vs Bluehost HostingToday they have staff employment of over 750 that offer 24-7 support around the clock helping customers with any problems they may have.

Deciding between these two vendors is hard, that is why we have sat down and taken the time to analyze and compare the two.

This is so you can decide which option is the best fit for you. How we have compared the two,  DreamHost and Bluehost based on the following factors: pricing, support, performance/speed, and ease of use.

Pricing – Bluehost Wins

DreamHost has two plans to select from keeping nice and simple. They have two plans, shared starter and shared unlimited.

The Shared Starter plan, which is the entry-level plan, starts at only $2.59 per month.

Included with this package you get a single website along with a free domain, unlimited traffic, unmetered bandwidth, a free SSL certificate, and SSD storage.

The shared unlimited plan is the same as the shared starter just unlimited. You still get a free domain but you can have unlimited hosted, unlimited traffic and bandwidth and also unlimited email @ your domain name, pretty cool eh!

The shared unlimited starts at a well respectable price of only $5.95 per month.

It is worth noting that the listed prices are for the annual plans—the monthly costs for Shared starter and shared unlimited is a bit dearer.

Prices to fluctuate so make sure to get the latest prices and offers you click on the blue button below…

bluehost best priceAlike to its competitor, Bluehost offers its customers a choice of four different plans: Basic, Plus, Choice Plus, and Pro.

The Basic Plan comes with a single website, 50 GB of web space, unmetered bandwidth, and a free SSL certificate. It also includes five email accounts and a free domain and normally sits around $3.95 per month.

At the time of writing this review, Bluehost was having a special on the Choice Plus Plan. The Plus and Choice Plus each cost $5.45 and $5.95 per month. Normally the Choice Plus plan is $14.99, which is almost a 150% saving.

If that deal is on offer still we recommend going for the Choice plus plan over the choice plan, makes sense yer. Click on the blue button below to see if that special promo offer is still available.

Both come with unlimited websites, unmetered web space, unlimited parked and sub-domains, and unlimited email accounts and storage. Choice Plus provides additional features, such as domain privacy and CodeGuard Basic.

Support – DreamHost Wins

When it comes to support typically, the business of web hosting is not the greatest when it comes to astonishing customer service. DreamHost is over the average, though, with good (but not great) consumer service reports.

You have access to “24/7 in-house support,” though getting in touch with someone is not always as easy as it should be.

The limits of the live chat support may reduce the light, but customer reviews don’t seem to show it. It is worth noting that DreamHost does offer a sizeable money-back guarantee, which is way above the benchmark and offers a 97-day refund

Bluehost, on the other hand, goes all out when it comes to there technical support. You can get in touch with one of their experts via live chat, email ticket support, or by phone.

Once you’ve connected, you can expect fast and friendly service, as well as a likely resolvement to your dilemma or question.

Despite the full array of customer support features, Bluehost did not prosper quite as well in its customer reviews. There were quite a lot of mixed reviews about the quality of its technical support.

Speed – Bluehost Wins

Performance and speed are two significant factors when it comes to the usability of a website for your visitor.

Site speed plays a lot of ranking factor now, and stats have shown that slow load speeds cause a higher bounce rate.

DreamHost provides a decent 99.96% uptime, which relates to three and a half hours of downtime per year. They also have an uptime guarantee, which compensates users for any downtime experienced during the year.

DreamHost did well in the speed category, too.

The medium page load time was about 720ms, which they have managed consistently over the past two years. They even had loading times in the upper 500ms range as of mid-2018, thanks to new data centers on both US coasts.

Bluehost nudges out DreamHost in both speed and performance. Their 99.99% uptime is one of the highest tested in the industry. In 2018, they posted nine flawless months of uptime to the satisfaction of Bluehost users across the world.

Bluehost currently has its both main and secondary data centers in Provo and Orem, UT. Also, they have one of the quickest page load times at 400ms.

No matter the source you examine for web hosting speeds, you can anticipate Bluehost to be in the top five in this cut-throat competitive industry.

While both work for US based websites, if you need web hosting services for Australia, or even the UK, you might want to look for alternatives like SiteGround or WPX Hosting, as they have data centers on different continents.

Ease of Use – It’s a Tie

The biggest difference between DreamHost and Bluehost is the control panel.

DreamHost doesn’t use the standard off the shelf industry standard C-panel.

Instead, they use a customized control panel, this is fine for newbies and beginners but can frustrate the crap out of experienced webmasters who are used to C-panel layout.

DreamHost does offer Remixer, which provides professional-grade templates to novice users.

The interface is easy to understand as the themes are responsive and plug-ins are abundant. Advanced users can access the HTML code and use Markdown to add their personal touches.

Bluehost is hard to beat when it comes to ease of use, thanks to its drag-and-drop features.

You can build your website with WordPress, Weebly, goMobi, or another site builder. Their customer service is second to none, the collection of video tutorials, how-tos, and the knowledge center provide everything you need to create a successful website.

Conclusion – Bluehost Wins

The fight for the title belt between these two came down to a photo finish. Despite mediocre customer reviews, we are going to name Bluehost the winner.

To wrap up on our choices and to give you a simple answer here is what you should do if you’re searching for a brilliant WordPress web hosting service!

Go for Dreamhost if you’re searching for a fantastic and cheapest starting package that will give you everything you need to for those who are just starting out or a tight budget.

It is a great deal, very reliable and suitable for pretty much anyone!

You should go for the Bluehost if you’re searching for something that is a bit more powerful and a fantastic all-rounder. In fact, you will find that this is actually our top choice between the two and in terms of price and features, we think that this will suit pretty much most people!

If you’re searching for the best in the shared hosting arena may we suggest you take a good look at Siteground.

Their all-around excellence and constant willingness to improve their products and services make them one of our top choices, time and again.

SiteGround users can expect consistent performance in addition to serviceable speed and outstanding customer support. 

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