Best Email Responder That Gets You 99% Delivery Rate

So you want to be an email marketer and make your millions working from home?


Welcome to my world…

Most days I would work around an hour a day, occasionally a few more but most days less.

My normal routine is I get up in the morning around 7, make a brew, turn on the computer and smash out today’s newsletter.

Hit send, sit back and watch the money roll in, all before the kids are up and have a chance to annoy me.

But it wasn’t always like this.

Hell no.

Rewind 9 months ago and I was almost how can you say a loser.

We were about to become homeless, the banks wanted to take our home away, I wasn’t providing for my wife as I promised and the twins were on a blink of being kicked out of school as the fees are well overdue.

I was struggling wanna be an entrepreneur to provide for my family, put food on the table and the wife was always tired from working 2 jobs.

But oh how things have changed.

Let me ask you this

You’re a great writer, you have been sending out great content and emails, providing great value, attractive headlines, awesome products to help with the problems for those who are on your list and all you get is crickets.

Nothing, nudda,


Hint, it’s not your writing, emails or newsletters by the way.

9 months ago I was going through the exact thing.

After doing some tests of my own, I found that most of my emails weren’t even getting to the main inbox.

The delivery rate was low and my open rates even lower.

Not now, now I’m getting an average 99% delivery rate, have put food on the table for my family.

We are months in advanced in our home mortgage payments and the kids are fees are all up to date.

All because of using the right tools for the job.

That tool is Getresponse email responder

Send the right type of email, at just the right time

  • Newsletters: Send one-time email broadcasts announcing updates and offers.
  • Autoresponders: Nurture subscribers through automated follow-up emails.
  • Automated emails: Trigger emails after purchases, abandoned carts, website visits, and more.
  • Segment-specific sends: Get higher engagement rates through highly-targeted recipient groups.
  • Perfectly-timed emails: Your emails land in the right inbox, at the right time with our Perfect Timing and Time Travel delivery tools.
  • Automated blog digests: Increase your blog’s reach and share posts via email and on social media.

See why Getresponse has become the #1 choice for email marketers:

  • Getresponse has real live support around the 24-7.
  • Deliverability rate over 99%, the highest deliverability rate in the industry.
  • Easy to use for us non-techie webmasters.

You may have heard about Getresponse with your search for an email autoresponder as they are a household name. First established around the early 2000s.

Regardless if you are just starting out on your online adventures or a full-time email inboxer, Getresponse will be the only responder you will ever need.

How To Save Money With Getresponse:

Not only is Getresponse just an email autoresponder it is also your all-in-one online marketing solutions powerhouse.

  • Email marketing: Powerful email marketing software with professional email templates, easy design tools,
    and unmatched deliverability
  • Autofunnels: Your ultimate marketing & lead funnel machine. Ready-made, automated sales funnel generator: build your landing pages, automate your emails, sell your products, recover abandoned orders, and convert your customers.
  • Landing pages: Choose from hundreds of high quality, 100% responsive landing page templates designed for high conversion. Opt-in, sales, promo or download pages
  • Marketing Automation: Get more sales with less effort. GetResponse Marketing Automation is scalable and grows with your business. Whatever your idea, they’ll help you bring it to life.
  • Webinars: Get in front of your audience and get qualified leads. The first email marketing service to provide a complete webinar marketing solution designed to increase conversions and engagement rates.
  • Autoresponders: Help your subscribers succeed at improving their skills or reaching their goals with dedicated and relevant offers. Schedule your autoresponders to automatically create tailor-made programs that will perfectly match their needs and interests.

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    This is just a testimonial from out of there 350389 happy customers who uses Getresponse to help grow their businesses.


Getresponse Email Marketing Solutions comes with a 100% free no credit card 30-day trial… but we don’t stop there.

Our promise to you is you will get an email autoresponder that has the highest delivery rate in the industry of consistently achieving 99% delivery.

You will see your open rate go up, your link clicks improve and commission jump on your sales.

Not only are you getting the best email responder for all your list building, autoresponder and segmentations you are also getting an all in one marketing suite.

This in its self will save you a ton of money and you can try them all out today for free without the need for a credit card.

That’s right, Try Getresponse for a full 30 days, credit card not needed completely risk free.

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